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BOOK 12+ Parties A Month

[FREE] Book, host, and enroll happy families the easy way with 5, industry-proven 'Hacks'

And Turn Party Guests Into New Students!

You know that hosting birthday parties at your gymnastics, cheer, or ninja facility will bring in more revenue and boost enrollment, but they're such a headache to schedule and host...

Good News - there's a solution that's much easier than you've imagined! And, you can get it for free.


Most owners and directors don't have time to create a party system that makes the whole process a breeze. So they miss out on party revenue and the easy enrollment boost that comes from hosting parties.

Enjoy party revenue without the hassle when you use these five, industry-proven hacks to:


  • Fill up your calendar

  • Prevent staffing problems

  • Maximize profit margins

  • Create irresistible packages that sell themselves.

  • And sooooo much more...

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The Business-Building Power of Parties

When you discover how to offer irresistible parties, parents pay YOU to MARKET to THEIR FRIENDS.

And the activity center industry is the ONLY industry in the world that gets to leverage this power.

Don't let your facility sit empty weekend after weekend just because you're worried about coordinating the schedule, managing staff, or having to deal with "the public."

These time-tested solutions are empowering busy owners like you to:

  • Increase profitability with a few simple adjustments to your party calendar.

  • Use parties to sell classes, clinics, and more parties with the 'Snowball' effect.

  • Eliminate policy confusion and misunderstandings with automated messaging.

  • Use templates to save time and create a scalable booking/confirmation system.

  • Increase your price per party without worrying about charging too much.

Go here to get five solutions in five days delivered right to your inbox.

What Others Are Saying

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Limited Time: Special Bonus

Plus, for a limited time, I'll include the Birthday Party Activity Guide for free.

Start booking parties and filling classes with the Party Hacks email series...


AND strategically plan your party activities so that guests will leave wanting more of what your program offers.

It's decision time! Get a new source of revenue AND a steady stream of new customers when you let me know where to send it:

The fine print: No guarantee of income is expressed or implied. Individual results will vary.

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