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Attention Activity Center Owners and Managers

Grow Your Email List and Create an Enrollment Engine 

Without Spending a Fortune on Ads or Gurus

Are you looking for an affordable way to increase your enrollment at a steady pace that won’t overwhelm you and your staff?

You’ve been sitting around the table brainstorming with your top team members…

Free t-shirts, Invite-A-Friend Week, boosted posts, printed water bottles, and that booth at your local street festival…

All of these ideas create a buzz for a week or two, but then the DM’s and phone calls just stop.

You’ve thought about email marketing… maybe you’ve even tried sending out an email or two…

But the disappointing response left you wondering if parents even know how to read.

If your efforts are going unnoticed, and you’re ready to learn how to send emails that result in rising enrollment numbers and booked events, the Email Enrollment Engine Course is for you.

The Secret to Effective Email Marketing is the System

There's a strategy that every program director can use to turn curious online parents into paying customers without having to spend thousands of dollars on ads and complicated technology.

And it’s the perfect fit for activity centers because the whole system has been designed by an industry veteran and certified sales writer (a.k.a. copywriter) – who owned her own activity center for 16 years.

Words That Sell Classes was founded by Rachel to help activity center owners deliver the right message to the right potential customer so that filling up classes and events is easy and predictable.

One of the most cost-effective ways to do that is email marketing - if you do it right!

Email Enrollment Engine is a self-paced online course… but it’s not about information and learning…

It’s about doing. Taking action.

Set up your own email marketing system step-by-step with expert guidance from someone who doesn’t just know marketing, but also understands the unique challenges that activity centers face.

From Growing Your List to Closing Sales While You Sleep

No tech skills… no problem.

The course will walk you through everything from collecting new leads right on your homepage to sending out a sequence of promotional emails with the help of AI.

Discover what a Call to Action is… and why it’s a powerful tool for closing sales!

Uncover the secret to writing irresistible subject lines…

Each module is divided into short, easy video lessons – you’ll be able to watch most lessons in a matter of minutes between teaching classes or while sucking down a smoothie at your desk.

Email Enrollment Engine mockup
Email Enrollment Engine tablet

The No-Fluff, Right-to-the-Point Solution That Wasn't Available Until NOW

Email Enrollment Engine is launching for the first time… right now! That means special beta pricing and a money back guarantee…

This program empowers you and your staff to:

•    Turn website visitors into leads with your own custom lead magnet and form.
•    Send emails that get parents to pull out their credit cards and grab that last spot in class.
•    Complete the 7-Module course at your own pace even if you’re crazy busy.
•    Write great emails faster with the help of free AI tools.
•    Save time by stealing our standard operating procedures, templates, and calendars.

Plus, enjoy these free bonuses:
•    Easy-to-follow course workbook
•    Private Facebook group support
•    BONUS lesson: How to create your brand message and identity
•    BONUS lesson: How to brand a MailChimp account that looks and feels professional
•    BONUS download: The Ultimate List of Subject Lines and Hooks That Get Read
•    Get two course logins for the price of one and invite a key staff member to join you.

Words That Sell Classes Copywriting Testimonial (1727 × 1080 px).jpg

The Power of Email Marketing

See how great email strategies increase revenue for activity centers:

  • A preschool gymnastics program filled every vacant spot in class by changing the link inside a single email.

  • An art program doubled its summer enrollment in the last couple of weeks before camp started, just by sending out a series of marketing emails to a small list of less than 80 parents.

  • A movement education facility consistently booked up its birthday party calendar with targeted emails that reached parents right when they were deciding what type of party to plan.

It's Decision Time

You can continue to scramble to fill up classes and clinics when enrollment numbers fall short…

Or choose to set up a system that is so cost effective that you’ll make your investment back when you enroll your first new student!

Get the online course, the workbook, the online support, templates and downloads, plus extra login for the limited time beta price of $137.


The regular price is $197, and when September comes to an end, so will the beta price.

Email Enrollment Engine Special Pricing

Money Back Guarantee

There is zero... yes, ZERO risk to join the beta launch of Email Enrollment Engine.

If you open up the program and don't like it, for any reason, just send an email to rachel@wordsthatsellclasses.com within 14 days of your purchase to request a full refund.

You can even participate in the entire course, and if you don't learn how to implement a new strategy for grabbing leads, get more parents to read your emails, or bring curious new families into your facility, we'll still refund 100% of your investment up to 60 days following your purchase. Attach your completed workbook and screenshots of your projects to show that you followed the steps outlined in the program, and your refund will be on its way.

Are You In?

The limited-time, beta price goes away after October 16. The cost increases by $60 on October 17.


Click the button below to start using the industry-proven system for growing an email list and turning it into your go-to enrollment engine for filling classes and events with happy new customers.


You can choose to do nothing – keep crossing your fingers and hope that things will somehow get better...


Or, choose to get the tools you need to enjoy steady, reliable growth for your business AND successfully hand off all the steps to your staff, even if they’re new to customer service. Click now to get started:

The fine print: No guarantee of income is expressed or implied. Each purchase allows you and one other member of your staff to receive course access to for two years.

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