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Finally! A guest speaker that will

Grow Your Platform

Are you looking for a guest who can draw people in, get stellar reviews, and spark new conversations?

Give your podcast, webinar, or event an engagement boost with real tools that keep listeners coming back.

I help audiences discover how to create:

  • Irresistible program descriptions that will grab the attention of new customers

  • Winning email campaigns that make sales and bring in the bucks

  • Clickworthy websites and lead magnets that build lists

  • Job postings that will fill their inbox with qualified applicants.

Keep your audience tuned in with solutions that matter, just the right amount of humor, and a story that will have them hanging on every word.

The Phone Rang, and My Heart Sank...


The doctor began, “Hey, Rachel, sorry to call you from my cell phone on a Saturday, but your results are in. It’s your house. Leave. Now. Don’t take anything with you – it’s all contaminated.”

Silent pause. I had been sick for months, but nobody knew why - until now.

“The... uh... brain damage,” he continued. "This is what caused it."

There had been a blur of lab tests and brain scans. The house had been swabbed; samples were shipped off in sealed plastic bags.

My health... my home… swept away in a blink... by a tiny toxin known as black mold.

Photo albums, handmade quilts, and dinosaur drawings were tossed matter-of-factly into a dumpster.


The things that were left fit neatly into a single suitcase. What else was there to do but ignore the lump in my throat while tightening my grip on the business I had built?

It had grown from a small mobile program to a busy hub of classes, camps, parties, and events - whirring with happy customers who felt like family.

So, I hung on... until I couldn't..

My immune system tormented me with toddler-like unpredictability. My train of thought had no sense of direction, and I was stuck in a body that begged for a nap.

Ugh. It was an ugly, messy brawl that left me defeated - except for a stubborn little flicker in my soul that dared to pray for a chance to start over …

… with the one skill that had survived the fog and confusion.

My ability to write.

The journey from losing-it-all to reclaiming-what-was-stolen always begins with whatever gift you have in your hand... no matter how small it may seem.

God lit my path with top-tier mentors that sharpened my marketing skills. Healing began. Doors opened. Determination returned.


The timing was perfect! 


Right now, everyone is talking about storytelling, content creation, getting new leads, closing more sales, etc...


The ideal moment to bring this conversation to your audience has arrived...

... with a guest who's made it to the other side of setback, and is fueled by an eagerness to offer a hand up to the next person needing solutions.


Click the button below to schedule a chat by Zoom. Either we'll hit it off, and you'll land a guest that your audience will love...

Or, we'll part as friends.


The only way that you can go wrong here is to do nothing. So, click now:

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Words That Sell Classes Copywriting Testimonial (1727 × 1080 px)
Words That Sell Classes Copywriting Testimonial (1727 × 1080 px)(3)
Words That Sell Classes Copywriting Testimonial (1727 × 1080 px)(1)
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Featured On:

The Brand Boss Show
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