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Get More Students and Keep Them Happy

It's frustrating for program directors to know how valuable their program is, but then struggle to communicate that value to potential customers.

Or, they get super busy and fail to remind current students of the benefits so that families will keep coming back again and again.

These Two Big Marketing Problems Share One Simple Solution

Communication - Getting the right message to the right person to form real connections that bring a program's quality out of hiding and attract the right audience in less time with less effort.

Sales writing (a.k.a. copywriting) is my second career - it sprouted from my children's gym biz. Now, I share these proven strategies to help other program directors succeed.

The Right Words Make Marketing Easy

The wrong message leads to disappointing results. But the right words...

  • Turn curious website visitors into leads with stellar program descriptions.

  • Fill up events with irresistible email subject lines that parents open and click.

  • Bring in new students with social media ads that stop the scroll.

  • Convert anything with words that customers see into powerful sales tools.

There's Only One Way to Increase Enrollment

Wrong Message Right Potential Customer No Sale.jpg

3 Biggest Writing Mistakes

1) "Me" Marketing: Talking about yourself instead of the customer

❌ Here at Afterschool Tutoring, we love to help kids learn. Our teachers are well-trained, and we are committed to giving each child a positive experience.

✔️ Your child will be all smiles while developing a love for learning! Students master new skills quickly while benefiting from oodles of positive encouragement from well-trained teachers.

2) Listing Features Instead of Benefits

❌ 16' Waterslide

✔️ Woohoo! Waterslide Fun

❌ Snacks are provided

✔️ Less to pack - Snacks are on us!

❌ Early Drop-Off

✔️ Enjoy the ease of early dorp-off

3) Overlooking the Key Benefits That are Most Important to Parents:

*In this scenario, a market research survey has shown that parents looking for rec. gymnastics are wanting to buy: fun, social interaction, and coordination.

❌ Our gymnastics classes teach skill progressions and body awareness on Olympic apparatuses like uneven bars, vault, floor, and balance beam. Come once a week for an hour.

✔️ Have fun learning gymnastics while making friends. Your daughter will look forward to every class while improving coordination, getting fit, and learning new skills.

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