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Rachel Foster

Social Media Content: Value Post

Objective: Nurture a social media audience of entrepreneurs who either don't like marketing or have a poor marketing strategy.

Audience: Owners of small to mid-sized businesses who are "over-targeted" by traditional business education content, and are more likely to engage with content that has originality and authenticity.

This chicken is a marketing genius.png

There are 27 angry chickens pacing back and forth inside their coop while this one sits here on the porch catching the crumbs of toast that tumble off the edge of my plate.

This privileged bird is NOT our handsome alpha male. Nope. That guy is too busy strutting with his tail up to come join me for a strong cup of freshly brewed coffee.

It's NOT our best laying hen either. She'd never be able to sneak past the sleeping dog for a sunrise swing.

It's the marketing expert who prospers here. His name is Limpy, a homely bird that has to flap his wings to run, requires a ground-level roosting bar, and trips over things that aren't even there.

He gets the lion's share of chicken treats, not on his merits but because he's a persuasive genius who's able to get his audience (that's me) to do whatever he wants:

Here's how:

1. He pays attention to his audience, so he knows that the best time to butter me up is 1st thing in the morning.

2. He doesn't crow too often or too loud. He knows that the way to get seen is to quietly come join me where I am - not pester me with increasing frequency and volume.

3. He shows up consistently, regardless of rain, sweltering heat, or blistering wind.

The same rules apply in business.

You don't have to be the best chicken to close all the sales. But you do have to form real connections and have a topnotch marketing plan that follows the customer through every stage of the journey.

If you're feeling trapped... or a little disadvantaged... consider strategically stepping up your marketing game while understanding your audience in ways that you never have before.

Give this post a 😀 if this is the best marketing advice you've ever gotten from a chicken.

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