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without expensive contracts

You're baffled. Your program is a-ma-zing, but it feels like the only one that sees it is you!


You've put in the work (so much work), and yet you need more students to fill your current class times, or you're ready to grow by adding more. So, keep reading...

Any gym/studio boss can get more students by using the right words to describe classes, because when parents clearly see what's in it for their child, they become eager to invest in tuition.

Truth 💣 – there’s a cost to not dealing with this. Even a small program with a capacity of 300 students will lose over $4000 every single month if their classes have a vacancy of just 20%. That's $48,000 per year!


Copy of 300 students x $67 x 12 months=241,200.png

 You can't go back and make up that lost revenue   - those blocks of time are gone. However, a simple action step that you can take right now will fix this problem - for good.
What most leaders do when they need more students:

  • Guess what classes to add to the schedule and hope for the best

  • Throw some money at a Facebook ad and then cross your fingers

  • Start giving away free t-shirts...I'm joking...or am I?

But these things don't work for most people because they don't solve the root problem.

How the heck do I know? I've created and grown multiple children's instructional programs, pursuing academic degrees along the way (short pause while I pat myself on the back).

I thought that having an alphabet soup of credentials behind my name would help me sell classes.

But nobody cared about my blah blah blah degree. And, knowing what I know now, I don't blame them!




It's Been a While, But I Won't Forget It

I felt the Great Recession sneaking up behind me. My competitor around the corner had already filed bankruptcy. And, I had to save my gym.

I committed every waking minute (and a few questionable ones) to getting a real-world education from proven sales experts, tailoring all of their tools so that I could apply them successfully to our unique industry.

 What shocked me most   was realizing that studio owners, including myself, were doing it backwards. Even my mentors! 

We were creating the programs that we were passionate about – the programs that we want to teach, and then toiling our time away with gimmicks and pricey ads in an attempt to find enough parents to buy them. Sound familiar?
Don’t give up that passion. Just make sure that you shape it into a product that is easy to sell.

I discovered two fundamental rules for growing any children's program so that parents will fall all over one another trying to get that last spot in class. Hint: neither of the two involve free t-shirts.

1. Sell the programs that parents want to buy.

2. Bring your program benefits out of hiding.

At the foundation of each of these rules is the power of words. That’s where I come in. 

I write program descriptions that sell spots in class. I use words that compel parents to buy.


Class descriptions, event details, schedules, flyers, those social media about sections that you hate to write, website text, email campaigns, inquiry responses, etc.

You go run your studio and leave all of those things-that-need-words to me.


  1. Getting more students without even trying. 

  2. Putting an end to the lost revenue of vacant spots.

  3. Turning your coaching or teaching gig into the bona fide, money-making career you've dreamed about.

What are you going to do? Same old, same old? Don't really need another 4k per month?

Or, take the first step with my Market Research Made Simple offer below? If you're going to put powerful words to work for you, doesn't it make sense to find out what those words are?

You can spend a lot of time and money on arrows 🏹 … billboards, flyers, websites, social media, ads…

But if those arrows are not pointed at the right target, you won’t see a return.

🎯 Market Research aims all of your efforts towards the right customer. 
You'll get:

  • A 30-minute call with me, via Zoom

  • A carefully crafted market research survey that will reveal those key words that motivate parents to buy

  • Easy to follow instructions for getting your survey in front of your future customers

  • Access to survey results (you'll finally know exactly what the parents are thinking)

  • A Results Analysis and Next Best Step recommendation tailored to your community

  • The answers you need to create the programs that parents want to buy, then know exactly what to say to fill them up.

* I'm so sure about this that, if you attend the Zoom call and don't like what you hear, just request a full refund within 24 hours. 100% of the risk is on me. You literally have nothing to lose.

The total cost is just $67, but availability is limited, and I can't keep the cost this low for long because, well, you get it.

You have a decision to make right now.

Are you going to avoid the problem...maybe waste another 10 minutes on one of those mind-numbing online quizzes so you'll finally know what type of cheese you are, or will you click the button below and never worry about your enrollment numbers again?

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