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Nobody Signed up! What Happened?

It was the perfect camp...according to me. Oh, the life skills that I had planned to teach!


I used every smidge of that college degree and every second of experience to fill the lesson plan with:

  • core strength building activities

  • the right balance of muscle endurance and power

  • positive reinforcement

  • character development

...and all of the things that mentors and college professors had touted as being of the utmost importance. (note: those experts were my teachers, not my customers)

Then I gave that camp a mundane title, described it using phrases like body awareness, skill development, cooperative learning, and age appropriate progressions.

"It'll be a hit!" I said to myself as I patted myself on my back. Then, I added it to the summer schedule...and waited...and waited. The enrollment was so low that the actual number is still too hard for me to type.

I tucked away my disappointment, like most small business owners do. Work to be done, right? Classes to be taught, employees to be paid, things to be cleaned, emails that need replies...you know what I'm talking about.

But I Couldn't Really Let it Go

My brain couldn't stop wondering what went wrong.

I bought all the marketing books, signed up for all the advertising email lists, followed the blogs, subscribed to the channels, and I started to learn about people....how to get what I want (full camps) by giving parents what they want (the benefits they actually care about).

That next summer, I took the exact same lesson plan, changed the name of it, and wrote a new camp description that parents in my community couldn't resist.

It filled up...so I added more coaches...and it filled up again. What a great problem to have!

That's when I realized that words have the power to give instructional programs financial strength, while allowing owners to stop toiling their time away.

 I was hooked.  I spent the next decade investing thousands of dollars and countless hours learning about words that sell classes.

Now, I'm connecting students with the coaches and teachers who will impact their lives. And, I'm doing it by using the perfect words that will bring the value of programs like yours out of hiding, giving parents undeniable proof that this is the right opportunity for their child.

Take the first step towards learning to do it yourself, send me a message, or simply browse the most popular copywriting packages.

I'll love your program as if it were my own. I lived right there in the trenches, just like you, for decades. You're all in - your money, your heart, your being - I get it. I'm all in, too.

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Stop chasing customers! Instead, draw the parents in...connect with them. They want to invest in their children. Show them that your studio is the perfect fit.

Free yourself from the big box, feast or famine marketing campaigns that either overwhelm your team or fail to pay for themselves. Get consistent and predictable growth at a pace that allows your staff to evolve alongside your new success.

Silence that nagging voice that keeps asking, "Do I have enough students enrolled for this term?"

Words That Sell Classes is it - the program growth solution developed with the combined power of experience and research. This is my story...

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